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repairing materials


Ready to use, cold asphalt mix for restoration of small dimensions of road damage. Used for repairing potholes and damage to asphalt pavements and concrete pavements.

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RP 3000

Resinous, fiber reinforced fast-setting and drying cement mortar for repairs in old and new constructions. For repair works of restoration of plaster parts, but also any work of repair of masonry surface in the building.

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RP 4000

Resinous, fiber reinforced, repair cement mortar for concrete repairs of high demands. Ideal for high-demand repairs of reinforced concrete elements.

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RP 4010


Aqueous dispersion with high penetration capacity which acts as an inhibitor of corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures. It is used in repair works of reinforced concrete structures, as well as for the corrosion protection of concrete structures that are exposed to highly corrosive environment (bridges, tanks, etc.).

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RP 4020

Resinous cement mortar for repair and protection of reinforcement from corrosion. Used in repair work of reinforced concrete to protect reinforcement that has been corroded or preventively when exposed (or to be exposed) to a wet environment.

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RP 4100

Reinforced, repairing cement mortar for concrete repairs of high requirements. Ideal for high-demand repairs of reinforced concrete elements.

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Ready-mixed cement mortar of one component, super-fast setting, for sealing water leaks under pressure. Used in cases such as:

  • Instant sealing of pressurized water leaks in basements, underground passages and generally underground structures.

  • Waterproof sealing of rigid joints between walls and floors.

  • Waterproof sealing of cracks and holes.

  • Quick repair work on masonry or concrete before applying waterproofing layers with HYDROSEAL HS 5000.

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GRP 4250

One-component, ready-to-use, non-shrinking cement mortar for anchors, machine anchors, grout fillers in concrete structures, etc. It is applied in cases where high performance with shrinking mortar is required:

  • Machine mounts and mountings.

  • Stake support.

  • Repairs to concrete elements after failures during concreting (nests).

  • Mounts for precision machinery.

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* In us you will find available all the products of the FINOMIX series.

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