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Smart Home and

After research and study, our company has developed for you a special package of services, which combines the use of technology and engineering, to improve the quality of life in everyday life, combined with energy savings and costs, and all this from wherever if you are, just at your fingertips.

Smart Bathroom Ventilation System, with humidity detection sensor.

Put an end to the humidity in your bathroom by installing the automatic humidity detection system. It works based on the humidity levels in the room, activating the room ventilation fan. It stops the growth of mold and the swelling of the bathroom surfaces, while at the same time it offers you a clean and hygienic atmosphere, even in baths without natural ventilation.

Automatic Indoor Ventilation System, with quality detection sensors  of the atmosphere.

Ensure the quality of the atmosphere of your interiors and offer your co-workers or family safe living conditions. With the use of our technology, the ventilation of the space is activated regularly depending on the load of bad air quality in the space or the crowd that is in it. 

Smart Remote Air Conditioning Management System

  • Installation by specialized technicians.

  • Operation demonstration

  • Easy operation of the air conditioner (s).

  • Comfort. (You enter a space that has exactly the temperature you desire)

  • Energy saving. (You do not have to keep the air conditioner running, while you are away).

Turn on or off the air conditioner of your home, or your business space, at exactly the time you want, without being in the space that is installed. ( WiFi is not required in your air conditioner. It works with all types of air conditioners ).

Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves  

The smart thermostatic valves, enable you to manage each room of your house as a separate space, with different temperature, making the best use of the efficiency of the heating circuit you use, achieving consumption savings of up to 30%.

Soon even more "smart" services for you.

We continue to work with passion every day, expanding our services and focusing on improving the life quality of our customers.

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