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Λογότυπο εταιρίας FINOMIX

From our office you can now purchase the series of building materials FINOMIX which are manufactured by the Greek company FINOBETON SA. 

A few words about the company

In 2008, FINOBETON SA completes and puts into operation a new factory for the production of ready-made mortars at its facilities in Chordaki, Chania, creating the new product line FINOMIX . The excellent quality marble dust produced in the company's privately owned marble quarry is the springboard and the basic raw material for building mortars, tile adhesives and a series of specialized products that fully meet the requirements of modern construction.


The driving force that led to the creation of ready-made FINOMIX mortars, was and remains, the intention to develop innovative products, friendly to humans and the environment, through serious scientific research.

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