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building mortars & premixed renders

SP 20

Ready-made cementitious mortar for cast plaster, reinforced with polymer resins. It is used before the base layer plaster or the single layer plaster, creating a layer of high strength and strong adhesion on all surfaces, suitable for each subsequent coat of plaster.

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SB 30

Ready-made base layer plaster based on gray cement. Used to smooth the walls before finishing with the final coat of plaster. It is an ideal substrate for ready-made, colored decorative plasters SD 60C COLOR.

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ST 40

Ready-made, white final marble plaster, reinforced with polymer resins. It is used for the final finishing of the surfaces as a final layer of marble plaster, after the base layer plaster or the traditional plaster.

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SM 50

Ready, white single layer plaster, reinforced with polymer resins. It is used after the cast plaster, replacing the thick plaster (base layer) and the marble plaster (final layer), giving a perfect final surface ready for painting.

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LK 30

Ready-made fiber-reinforced cement mortar enriched with polymer resins for the installation of tops and tiles. It has negligible shrinkage, high bonding strength and resistance to moisture and frost. It is used for the safe welding of roof ridges and gables, as well as the repair and sealing of nests in tiles of any type.

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BET C20 / 25

Ready-made aerated concrete in dry form. It is used for minor repairs and repairs, for rafters and senes, for exposed concrete or for the coating of floors in the construction site. Suitable for application for all construction work where concrete of similar quality is required.

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EQ • PRIMER 5200

Wet plaster primer to smooth the absorbency of the surfaces to be plastered. It is used on strong absorbent substrates to be plastered, such as in brick masonry, aerated concrete, etc., in order to prevent the plaster from dehydrating due to the absorption of water from the substrate.

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* In us you will find available all the products of the FINOMIX series.

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