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About us

A team of qualified engineers made up of young children is here to calibrate your technical needs and propose solutions. Being open to new ideas and ideas, we keep abreast of the evolution of material and technical technology, trying to combine them with both qualitative and economic application

Our Team 

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Menelaos Patelis

Mob: +30  6973595058

Tel.   : +30  2421 406374

  • Graduated Civil Engineer U.Th.

  • PhD Candidate of the University of Thessaly

Water Resources & Drinking Water Networks Management Hydromechanics & Environmental Engineering Lab. 

Civil Engineering Dept.

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  • Graduate Politician  Engineer  U.Th.

  • MSc in Management Science and Technology, O.P.A.

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Beatrice Koutselini

  • Certified Architect Engineer P.Th.

  • MSc: Project Management, Transportation and Spatial Planning

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  • Certified Civil Engineer U.Th.

  • Smart Buildings Planning Technician

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  • Graduated Civil Engineer P.Th.

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  • Department of Spatial - Urban Planning & Regional Development

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Michael Logodotis

  • Graduate in Electronics / Computer & Office Automation Technician

  • Project and IT Manager

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