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Φωτορεαλιστική απεικόνιση



New Fire Protection Regulation for Buildings

[Published in Government Gazette 80 A / 07-05-2018]


Φωτορεαλιστική απεικόνιση κτιρίου
Design - Construction - Management of private funding projects

We provide solutions to meet all needs. We create designs for residential, industrial buildings, agricultural and livestock buildings. We also manufacture special constructions (steel, pipe, mechanical engineering) with application in several industrial sectors.

The technical supervision of each project is undertaken by experienced engineers that follow every step as described in the study. Depending on the size of the project a sufficiently educated and experienced engineer will make sure that your project will finish perfectly on time, shape and quality.

Project supervision includes two categories:
Technical oversight
Administrative and financial supervision

Technical supervision is essentially defined and described based on the study and the extent that it has been elaborated.

The study is divided into the following stages:

  • Study analysis and preparation

  • Final adjustments with clients' coordination 

  • Final study

  • Implementation study

  • Drafting papers

Μεταλλική κατασκευή κτιρίου
Steel Structures

We are able to deliver even the most demanding steel structures by employing highly qualified steel fabricators and by ensuring very competitive prices for the material quotes.

Φωτορεαλιστική απεικόνιση εσωτερικού χώρου

We entirely undertake renovations of old residences and professional spaces, as well as any individual tasks needed in order to achieve functional, qualitative and aesthetic upgrade. We also provide solutions for any waterproofing, thermal insulation and thermal facade issues as well as any addition of new buildings, always aiming for our clients satisfaction.

  • Architectural space study. Photo-realistic presentation of the project's proposals in three-dimensional format (3D).

  • Decorating suggestions for your home or professional space through a series of procedures such as color study, design, material sampling and photo-realistic imaging, as well as suggestions for wall art or wallpaper, lighting, decorative objects, selection of new furniture and restoration of existing ones.

  • External insulation.

  • Waterproofing.

  • Repair and maintenance of facades.

  • Plumbing installation.

  • Electrical installation.

  • HVAC installation.


Απεικόνιση με μηχάνημα για εσωτερικές διαρροές
Leak and moisture detection

Our company has a modern thermal camera with which we ensure for our clients:

  • Capturing energy loss from the building envelope.

  • Insulation integrity check.

  • Moisture detection.

  • Leak detection in the building's plumbing system.

  • Detection and check of boxed piping.

  • Electrical and air conditioning check.

  • Air leakage check.

  • Check after damage repair identified.

Τοπογραφικό μηχάνημα με το οποίο κάνουμε μετρήσεις
Land Surveying Services

Please contact us for: 

  • Land and building surveys .

  • Stake out lot corners and stake limit of work.

  • Inspection to verify existing building regulations.

  • Application of street and road axes.

  • Building mapping such as apartments, shops, etc.

Επάλειψη μονωτικού υλικού σε στέγη
Roof insulation and terrace waterproofing 

The roof waterproofing stages (with polyurethane coatings) to ensure quality implementation are:

  • Surface cleaning and removal of any loose parts.

  • Gutter inspection and repair by qualified plumber.

  • Thorough check with a thermal camera to detect trapped moisture and release it.

  • Installing depth and surface vents to release existing moisture and evaporate trapped water.

  • Application of the epoxy and water-based primer.

  • Polyurethane waterproofing. Application of polyurethane based elastic film for fast drying in high thickness with excellent adhesion to any surface.

Add value to your home and make it energy efficient!

Contact us in order to offer you a solution that meet your needs.

Ηλεκτρικό τριβείο με το οποίο ο εργάτης απομακρύνει την σκουριά
Construction site organization and supervision - Quality control of materials and applications. Metal welding check.

We undertake the organization and supervision of a construction site by third parties even if there are approved studies and plans. Field experience, the available technical staff as well as the constant collaboration with local contractors enables us to control and intervene by delivering fast, complete well-aimed solutions to your project. A key factor is the thorough quality control of the materials and technical applications as well as providing control through non-destructive welding methods.

EXALCO Aluminium Systems
Λογότυπο εταιρίας EXALCO

Energy efficient aluminium doors and windows based on "Energy Efficient Home II" by Exalco.                                          

Get your quote now and replace your old frames at a competitive price. Contact us now in order to upgrade your doors and frames and make your home energy efficient!



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